Accessibility Notice

At Shephard’s Beach Resort, we offer an array of accessible features to ensure that all guests enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay. 


Digital Accessibility

We seek to lower the technical barriers to accessibility on our website, mobile applications, and other digital platforms (collectively, "Digital Platforms") for persons with disabilities. In addition, we understand that individuals with varying disabilities may seek information on our Digital Platforms. Our goal is to provide such individuals access to our website's content, features, and functionality.

With the above in mind, we have taken several steps to make our Digital Platforms accessible. Therefore, we will continue to implement commercially reasonable changes to improve accessibility to the content, features, and functionality of our Digital Platforms.

*If you cannot access any content, feature, or functionality available on or through our Digital Platforms, please email us at or call us at tel:+1-800-237-8477. We will make reasonable efforts to address the problem, including providing you with an alternative method(s) for obtaining the content, accessing the functionality or features, and fulfilling your request.

Common Area Accessibility

We are dedicated and equipped to accommodate mobility-accessible needs throughout the resort via self-operating lifts, sloped entryways, elevator access, and compliant seating.

•    Registration desks
•    Meeting spaces
•    Hot tub equipped with lift
•    Pool, equipped with lift
•    Beach access
•    Restaurants
•    Bars
•    Tiki deck and pool terrace
•    In addition, we offer handicap parking as well as complimentary valet parking.

Accessible Accommodations

Accessible Island View King Room
These rooms feature king-sized beds, pull-outs, sitting areas, and dry bars with mini-fridges and microwaves. Located on floors four to six, these rooms have balconies that overlook the island of Clearwater Beach (city side). In addition, the rooms have wireless internet, 42-inch televisions, in-room safes, coffee makers, and hair dryers. View Room

Accessible Studio King Room
Our spacious and luxurious accessible Studio rooms include king-sized beds, sofas and sitting areas, kitchenettes with refrigerators and microwaves. These rooms also feature stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, flat-screen TVs, Spanish tile floors, and private balconies with a very partial water view. All rooms have wireless internet, in-room safes, coffee makers, ironing boards, and hair dryers. View Room

Service Pets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Florida's service animal law applies to animals that are trained to do work or perform tasks for someone with a physical, mental, psychiatric, sensory, or intellectual disability. The work the animal does must be directly related to the person's disability. For example, an animal might provide stability and balance to someone with impaired mobility, might alert someone who has a hearing impairment to sounds, or might interrupt someone with a psychiatric disability from engaging in self-destructive or dangerous acts. For access to public accommodations, only service dogs and miniature horses are covered. For housing, this limit does not apply; other types of animals may be covered. (Fla. Stat. § 413.08 (2022).)

The ADA defines a service animal as a dog that is individually trained to perform tasks or do work for the benefit of a person with a disability. (In some cases, a miniature horse might also qualify as a service animal under the ADA.) The tasks or work the animal does must be directly related to the person's disability.

Neither law covers pets or what some call "emotional support animals": animals that provide a sense of safety, companionship, and comfort to those with psychiatric or emotional disabilities or conditions. Although these animals often have therapeutic benefits, they are not individually trained to perform specific tasks for their handlers. Under the ADA and Florida law, owners of public accommodations are not required to allow emotional support animals, only service animals